Insurance & Financing

United Healthcare

Navigating the health insurance process to find covered treatment options can be confusing. As a woman with both uterine fibroids and United Healthcare insurance coverage, you may have insurance coverage for Curawave treatment. In 2007, United Healthcare created the “Access to Innovation” Program, which covers new medical technology treatments. Curawave, for the treatment of uterine fibroids, was the first technology to be included in this program. United Healthcare presently provides coverage and reimbursement for this advanced procedure for its fully insured members. A short questionnaire submitted to United Healthcare is essential for verifying benefits for treatment. Patients may submit this questionnaire themselves, or our dedicated Patient Advocacy Support program representative can do so on behalf of the patient.

For more information, or help with insurance benefit questions, please call us at 1-866-EXABLATE (1-866-392-2528), or email us at

Health Savings Account Information

Qualified medical expenses, such as Curawave, can be paid by your Health Savings Account (HSA), and are not taxed.

An HSA allows you to pay directly for qualified health care expenses, or make tax-free withdrawals for qualified health care expenses. Use your tax-free HSA debit card, or submit a claim, which is typically processed within one business day. Documentation may not be required to submit a claim, but for tax purposes you should retain records indicating your HSA withdrawal was used to reimburse you for a qualified health care expense.

Payment Plan Info

You can rely on the Fibroid Education Center for assistance in verifying insurance benefits and educating you about the special financing options offered through treating clinics and hospitals that provide affordable financing options with low monthly payments. We are here to help find a plan that best suits your specific financial needs.