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Our Mission

Women with symptomatic uterine fibroids who are "Watching and Waiting" will be given encouragement to study the therapy choices available to them with special attention to the benefits of focused ultrasound.

About Us

The Fibroid Education Center is a social health company serving women who struggle with symptomatic uterine fibroids. We empower women who suffer from uterine fibroids to take their health into their own hands by providing information to assess treatment choices.

Our information encourages good decisions that help women live healthier and happier lives. We do so by connecting them with physician-developed content, plus people much like themselves who provide meaningful health information, inspiring stories and answers to real health questions.

The Fibroid Education Center invites you to explore the information contained at our website and to speak with one of our educators if you desire a deeper connection to the range of latest uterine fibroid therapies available. We always recommend relying on physician guidance prior to making any treatment decisions.


We're available by phone, email, and live chat! Please call us toll-free or use the chat button below to get in touch with us! Our team of educators are here to answer your questions, and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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Medical Director

Dr. Suzanne LeBlang

Dr. Suzanne LeBlang specializes in MRI applications. She is an American trained and Board Certified radiologist with an added certification in neuroradiology. Dr. LeBlang performed the first FDA-approved MRgFUS (Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound) case in the U.S., the only non-invasive procedure for the treatment of uterine fibroids, and has done the most procedures in the country to date. She has extensive experience in treating fibroids including working with very complex fibroid cases.

With over 10 years of clinical experience performing focused ultrasound treatments on uterine fibroids and bone metastases, Dr. LeBlang is an industry expert on the procedure. She has published papers and delivered numerous scientific talks in the field of focused ultrasound.

Dr. LeBlang completed her medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and both her residency and fellowship at the University of Miami School of Medicine / Jackson Memorial. She is a senior member of the American Society of Neuroradiology. In addition, she serves as the co-Chief Medical Officer of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, and the Medical Director for the Fibroid Education Center.

Outside of her medical practice, Dr. LeBlang is married with three children, and serves as a voluntary faculty member at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University. She lectures first and second-year medical students on pulmonary radiology, cardiac radiology, and neuradiology.